Hand Made Rag Rugs for Sale

The name "rag rug" is given to the traditional art of making a rug using - well - old rags cut into small strips and fixing them to a piece of hessian. The art has been practiced for hundreds of years. They were traditionally made using old potato sacks as backing, with discarded clothing as the rags. The rugs were used to decorate the back cabin of a traditional working narrowboat.

All my rag rugs are made from new hessian which is hand stitched at the corners and machine stitched down the edges to prevent any fraying of the hessian. The material used in the making of the rugs is mainly fleece which has a wonderful soft feeling underfoot. The material is usually new, with some recycled materials if I find a particular colour I like. The rugs do not have a backing which, in my opinion traps the dirt, so one can simply shake the rug to discard any dust & debris. The rags are "prodded" through the hessian using "a bodger" leaving a small gap between each rag. This is to ensure that the rags remain in situ, and do not move against each other and become loose. All rugs are machine washable (max 40deg).
Prices start from £40.00.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rug No: 37 Graduating shades of blue

Rug No 37
Pattern:  shades of blue
Colours:  dark navy, dark blue, blue, royal blue.  New fleece material
Size:  38" x 20" (96 cms x 50cms Comprising of 3034 hand made stitches
Price:  £80.00 including postage & packaging (UK)

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